We must admit that we will never ever tire of directing your attention to the accumulation of evidence that "law school" is, by and large, a massive fraud perpetrated upon society's most overacquisitive young driftabouts, and one whose effect is to turn out a massive class of highly indebted functionaries whose skill set is not only undeveloped to the point of worthlessness, but that, when developed, is, for the most part, detrimental to the function of justice. The fact that law school's popularity is crumbling away as the magnitude of the systemic scam becomes ever more apparent can only be taken as a redeeming ray of hope for the future of our nation's collective critical thinking skills.

The NYT graces us with the following update in the war against administrative penury: "The organization behind the Law School Admission Test reported that the number of tests it administered this year dropped by more than 16 percent, the largest decline in more than a decade."

Be not dissuaded from your path, America's postgraduates. Go forth and do anything you want in this world, except going to law school. Lots of places to see and whatnot out there in the wide, wide world. Together, we can return this nation's twentysomethings to the dissolute pool of broke—but debt-free—slackers that it once was. God bless you all.

[NYT. Photo: AP]