Since you're reading this site while you should be doing something more productive, chances are that you're the kind of self-proclaimed "internet-savvy" media consumer who said to yourself last year, "Hey, I don't care that the New York Times started an online paywall, because it comes with 20 free articles per month, and besides, it's full of easy holes for an internet-savvy consumer such as myself!"

Well, fine. But today the NYT changed the number of free articles per month you can get to ten. Cut that bad boy in half. Sucks for your mom, who is a cheapskate. But what about people who know how to do things on the internet? Key sentence of this morning's press release: "Readers who come to Times articles through links from e-mail, search, blogs and social media will continue to be able to access those individual articles, even if they have reached their reading limit. "

So, internet-savvy cheapskates such as yourself can still read the content for free with a little work. FOR NOW.

[Photo: AP]