Sometime in the last couple weeks or so, someone apparently gave Snoop Dogg the password to his SoundCloud account, and the universe is better for it. There are outtakes from his studio (filed under "UNCUT DOGG" and "INSTRAMENTAL FROM DOGG") and odds and ends from his record collection ("FOR PRODUCER TO MAKE BEAT"). And an 70-minute deep house mix.

It's called "Tekno Euro Mixx," for some reason (it's definitely not tekno, and not particularly Euro, though there are a lot of Scandinavians represented), but it's really an hour and ten minutes of smooth, creamy, adult house music. And while it should surprise absolutely no one that Snoop is into this — and make no mistake, it's definitely Snoop-flavored house; it might be too chill even for me, and I listen to some pretty corny music — it's still a little thrilling to see one of the world's biggest rap stars casually drop a fairly hip little mix like this onto his SoundCloud page, especially since half the records he's mixing had pressings that were a fraction of the sales of his last album. There's Swedish DJ House of Time's Whitney tribute, and a Prins Thomas remix, and 6th Borough Project's flip of the great High Gloss track, and a gorgeous deep cover of Carly Simon's "Why," all mixed live (I'm pretty sure) with the charming sloppiness of the perpetually stoned. You could play it out on a forgiving dance floor, but it's probably best suited for sunset drinks on the roof in weather like we've been having here in New York. So don't let me stop you.

[SoundCloud via Spin, image via AP]