Remember William Bryan Jennings, the Morgan Stanley banker who stabbed a taxi driver over a fare dispute earlier this month? Allegedly while shouting racial slurs? Yes, well. Reuters has a long story about the case with quite a bit of fascinating background. For example:

Jennings says he rooted around in his black briefcase for his cell phone and found a pen knife that he says he kept for opening the Christmas packages that had been arriving recently. He says he showed it to Ammar, and that Ammar grabbed it and then said, "you cut me."

Darien detectives would later discredit Jennings' claim, saying it would have been impossible for Ammar to grab the knife from Jennings through the narrow cab partition.

One Morgan Stanley source tells Reuters that Jennings will not be getting his job back. That seems like a fair decision considering... hey, you cut me!

[Reuters. Photo: AP]