What quaint cultural confusion is taking place in Canada today? "Adrian Wu's Message Baffles Audience," reports The Toronto Star.

At Adrian Wu's show at Toronto Fashion Week, the 21-year-old's style notes indicated his show was a statement on 'specific comparisons between North American politics versus European politics and how it affects human rights by citing the movie V for Vendetta.'

Apparently the whole hacktivist thing (and comic book thing and Guy Fawkes thing) went right over his head. O, Canada.

UPDATE: Adrian Wu's publicist emailed to tell us that Wu did, in fact, reference Anonymous. Here's the chart and statement the designer provided:

This collection is titled "Hierarchy of Needs". I wanted to do a collection that ascetically looked dramatic, romantic, and a little bit wearable but very much a reflection of my own technique. Three years ago I came across a new way of sewing. I invented this sort of minimalistic bodice and ‘inverted pleating' and it is these techniques that maybe have created a sort of new language in fashion. The cuts of the collection are taken by the ideas of old parisian clothing, the colours to the silhouette. Philosophically, I like my work to have context. I used the mask as a commentary to the specific comparisons between North American Politics versus European Politics and how it effects Human Rights by citing the movie "V for Vendetta". My dream continues to be that one day I be hired by the house of Dior. I invite you to question every aspect of my work, from the pieces to the environment. I am inspired by people and people who effect my life. Enjoy

Not sure whether this makes it better or worse, but there you go.

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