Will this bunny crime wave never end? Days after the tragic death of earless German bunny Til, a floppy-eared bunny named Miss Cooper has been kidnapped from her home in the window of a stylish boutique in Manhattan.

The suspected culprits, according to Alexander Berardi boutique owners Alexander Berardi and Christopher Kulukundis: a man in a black Stetson with a handlebar mustache and a lady in a white cowboy hat.

According to a harrowing report from DNA Info, the bandits were "regular visitors" of the high-end clothing line's flagship boutique in SoHo. They "described themselves as artists," visited the store primarily "to pet Miss Cooper," and are believed to have absconded with the grey-and-white rabbit after plucking her from her storefront pen.

NYPD's 1st Precinct is investigating the case. Miss Cooper is valued at $45, and counts Berardi customers Christy Turlington and Jane Krakowski among her fans. Prior to her disappearance, Miss Cooper commuted to work with the store owners and companion rabbit Jack. Originally named "Cooper," Miss Cooper was believed to be male until a veterinarian realized she had a vagina, not a penis.

Update: Miss Cooper has been returned, after a rescue that involved Apple Jacks cereal.