As part of our ongoing project to catalog the 2012 presidential election from a metal point of view, we've been soliciting presidential endorsements from noteworthy American metal musicians. Today: Cormorant.

Arthur Von Nagel of sick San Francisco prog-metal band Cormorant lays out a winning endorsement for Willie Nelson:

I endorse WIllie Nelson for president. He'll make sure highways have special lanes for horses, enforce the use of biofuels, legalize and tax recreational drug use, pull out immediately from all wars, and sing campfire songs for his State of the Union address. What's not to like?

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[Illustration by Jim Cooke. Are you the publicist, manager, or close personal friend of a noteworthy American metal musician? Please email me at! We will let you endorse anyone: Republicans, Democrats, Egyptian gods, mountains in the Pacific Northwest, etc.]