As part of our ongoing project to catalog the 2012 presidential election from a metal point of view, we've been soliciting presidential endorsements from noteworthy American metal musicians. Today: UZALA.

Portland-based doom masters UZALA, through vocalist Chad Remains, refused to make a presidential endorsement — and chose instead to suppor the crowning of a strong and mighty king. If this doesn't shake up the race, I don't know what will:

UZALA wholeheartedly endorses Arnold Schwarzenegger as CONAN THE BARBARIAN for USURPER and KING. Vote now or be crucified upon the Tree of Woe.

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[Illustration by Jim Cooke. Are you the publicist, manager, or close personal friend of a noteworthy American metal musician? Please email me at! We will let you endorse anyone: Republicans, Democrats, Egyptian gods, mountains in the Pacific Northwest, etc.]