As part of our ongoing project to catalog the 2012 presidential election from a metal point of view, we've been soliciting presidential endorsements from noteworthy American metal musicians. Today: Sutekh Hexen.

Who does Sutekh Hexen's Scott Miller think would be the best leader of the free world? None other than our old friend, Agalloch drummer Aesop Dekker, who himself endorsed the destruction of all systems a few weeks ago, and would probably be a pretty entertaining president if nothing else. Miller's statement in full:

I endorse Aesop Dekker for president.

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Exhumed's Matt Harvey for Ron Paul
Omen's Andy Haas for Ron Paul
Agalloch's Aesop Dekker for Dismantling All Systems
GWAR's Oderus Urungus for the Death for All Candidates on 'Wheel of Over-Sized Knives'
Testament and Lamb of God

[Illustration by Jim Cooke. Are you the publicist, manager, or close personal friend of a noteworthy American metal musician? Please email me at! We will let you endorse anyone: Republicans, Democrats, Egyptian gods, mountains in the Pacific Northwest, etc.]