Since her death two days ago, little Til—the rare baby bunny trampled to death by a German camerman at her moment of fame—has become the star she was destined to be. Hundreds of news outlets have eulogized the tragic victim of the media, and new details continue to break.

Here's the latest on the late "it" rabbit:

  • There is some dispute as to whether Til was a boy or a girl.
  • Though previous reports identified Til as three weeks old, the Associated Press says she was only 17 days old. [AP]
  • Til is survived by a mother and five brothers and sisters. [Local]
  • "Til's body will now be frozen while zoo officials decide whether to have him stuffed." [Spiegel]
  • Til was named for German actor Til Schweiger, who was once in a movie called "Rabbit Without Ears." [Bild]
  • Though Til's killer remains unidentified, the journalist reportedly "became frightened when the squirrel scratched her leg and she kicked." Update: My bad, that one is about a separate incident, in which a German journalist accidentally kicked a famous squirrel to death. Good story, though. [NYT]