Austin, TX—The cultural season has turned here at the South By Southwest Festival, now on day seven. With the end of SXSW Interactive on Tuesday, the internet obsessives shipped out and were replaced yesterday by the cool kids of SXSW Music. Can you tell the difference between rival camps?

Five of the following people were attendees of SXSW Interactive, the portion of Southby Southwest dedicated to "emerging technologies," whom I spoke to on Tuesday. The other five are SXSW Music attendees I talked to yesterday. Take this difficult quiz to see if you can figure out who is who.


A) Music. Jessica is from Houston. Band she's most looking forward to: "The TonTons. They're an indie band from Houston."

B) Internet. Alex is a Master's student in human-computer interaction at Carnegie Mellon University. The best thing Alex saw at SXSW: "Probably Jane McGonigal's presentation. She's a big advocate of gaming as a worthwhile and valuable thing."


A) Internet. Grant (left) and his buddy were presenting HPs Aurasma augmented reality browser at the trade show. Grant's SXSW takeaway: "Location-based apps are definitely going to be the hot shit for 2012."

B) Music. Alex (Left, with friend) is a music agent from England. Band he's most looking forward to: Wild Belle. (When I asked he jokingly accused me of being a competitor looking for scouting tips.)


A) Music. Stedman Lee (center, with crew) is a rapper from Cleveland. Rapper he's most looking forward to see: ASAP Rocky.

B) Internet. Claire (left) and Caroline are friends from Montreal. Claire's objective: "to learn about transmedia. How to take a concept, a brand or a story and develop it across different platforms."

A) Internet. Malika is a blogger for Beyond the Box Office. The last talk at SXSW Malika went to: "I saw one today that was on web series."

B) Music. I forgot to get this woman's name, but she's a wardrobe designer from Bushwick. Bands she's most looking forward to: Grimes, Juicy Jay, Lil Wayne.


A) Music. Jordan is a teacher's assistant from Dallas. Band he's looking forward to most: Starslinger, an electronica DJ.

B) Internet. Yuji is a startup guy from Japan. On Japan's presence at SXSW: "18 startups have a place this year. Last year only 8. I'm trying to have 50 companies next year."