There's a big story floating around the universe right now, and it's all yours, for $1.5 million.

We heard today from a man with a story that could change the world. We weren't able to figure out what, exactly, the story is about, but we do know that it is BIG and possibly HUGE and that someone with millions of dollars to throw around should immediately send him $1.5 million because this story COULD CHANGE THE WORLD. Here's your pitch, rich people:

I have a few stories that are true that will interest billions of people. I will sell them. I won't give them away.
Do you buy stories?
It may sound...outrageous,.. but this is big, #1 story, it's worth millions of dollars as it involves..Presidents of the USA and world leaders..facts.
If you'll pay $1,500,000 you'll have the exclusive and only set of information..

I was intrigued by the promise that the stories were true. "Which world leaders and presidents and facts are involved?" I wrote back. He responded,

you need to answer the question of do you pay for such information

"Yes, we certainly do pay for facts," I assured him. "Sometimes we even pay by the fact." Who was this about?

President bush jr and clinton and world leader in weapons

How do you pay people?

Usually by cash, I told our tipster. "But $1.5 million is a lot to ask for a story with no details. Can you tell me more?"

Ok Emma,
You have every reason to not pay for a story that is not written.. My "story" is facts that can be very powerful and change many lives if it is used to do so..maybe you're not the group to tell it.
I am an innovator who has met people who have done things that have shaped the world, effected billions of people,..really!
If you intend to pay me $10.00 I can not risk my life, however short it may be, and the lives of my family and friends to tell you for $10.00..
There where laws broken.
There was money movements.
We are talking about billions of USD
President Bush was never elected President as you know...
Many of the facts are public and when you add what i know because i was there... you get the story worth $10+ million dollars..for $1.5 mil.

Technically, then, we were being offered a story discounted by $8.5 million. Still, I wasn't convinced. "$1.5 million is a lot of money," I wrote back. "I throw dollars around, but not millions of dollars." What was the information about the money movements and the broken laws and President Bush? Finally, a breakthrough:


You may be very careful with this situation and we will both be happy and all involved who know who we are will be happy in all three time zones; now, past, future...ok.

I have been in meetings with the real world leaders who have made things happen that are far beyond what you and the rest of the public know about.. many times meeting with Retired NASA United Nations Inventor of the Stealth Bombers.
Hold on to your chair there..
In 1990's I met with the United Nations advisory council as I have new products in development that can be economic boosts to our Country. The estimate was that my company would earn over $2 bln per year!! After 3 years from implementation of the systems. (day of the loans / grants)
I was asked questions and tested by the inventor of the Space Shuttle as well as many other things including the stealth bombers.. an extraordinary man who did all he could to further my process to fortunes beyond most people and most countries. After he had me sign papers... He had asked me what i would do with the money earned..questions that will blow your mind.
You see that was the time they knew but we didn't know what O sama Ben laden was doing.. they didn't want another person with money doing such things.. I passed the tests before they started helping me org. my business that would sell personal products to the world's people. Everyone alive could use one of the ideas... President Clinton brought people to meet me from other Countries.
I earned my office in a secret place in New Mexico. Down the hall form the man we will call Bob..

Is this the kind of story worth money?
It gets really bad.. as they did things they shouldn't have done...

There was more:

You gave me very professional reply's to my emails.
You are a very nice looking young woman, I am not trying to scare are on the internet easy to see on face book, Twitter etc...very nice and smart too I'm sure..maybe we'll just let it go..what do you think?
I have held this situation quiet for years..maybe it's best left untold.

I'm sorry if any thing I have sent you causes you any problems whats so ever..your boss if you have shared this, will understand and write me off and you'll go back to doing stories..better for people to read and act on.
What I know is kinda unbelievable anyway..unless you believe Mike Moore and Al Gore.(who I was going to travel the world with, but didn't..w/ Al Gore via UN ambassador going to 70 Countries with my innovation ideas that would have been made in the USA & in 37 Countries)
Unless you have decided to pay me the huge amount I asked for I am not sending you any more information.

Negotiations were failing. I decided to put everything on the table:


We will pay 55 cents per fact. If you are able to add up all of the facts in your story, we can figure out the price tag from there.

What do you think?

I'd stumbled. The tipster bailed. "lol good bye," he wrote. I sent back a sadface.

Will the world ever learn the details behind "the man we will call Bob" and the "Retired NASA United Nations Inventor of the Stealth Bombers"? These kinds of facts don't come for free.