Popular online social networking website Facebook boasts a "relationship status" setting, in which Facebook members can indicate whether or not they are "In a Relationship" with another person. This is often considered a formal social indicator that a couple is officially "together." Sound simple? Not for Tara Miller of Westville, New Jersey.

Widely distributed national newspaper USA Today reveals that Tara Miller of Westville, New Jersey finds herself in a bit of a modern day romantic quandary: she and her boyfriend hold different opinions on the whether or not his "relationship status" on the Facebook website should be changed. Though social media was designed to make interpersonal communication easier, it appears that it comes with its very own set of thorny complications.

"He's changed it on Google+, but he hasn't changed it on Facebook. It says 'Looking for Networking,'" she says. "It doesn't ease (the frustration) because he's friends with a lot more people on Facebook than Google+."

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