Hey there, men. There are only a couple hours left of International Women's Day, but, if you've yet to pick up something nice for your special lady, you still have time to give her what she really wants: the gift of your sweet, sweet tears.

Apparently men, simple creatures that they are, feel satisfied when they see their mates are happy. But women?

"The women tend to want to engage around conflict. They're deriving more satisfaction when they see that their partner is upset."

That's according to Shiri Cohen, a clinical psychologist and researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital. She explained to NPR that women see a man's willingness to conspiratorially bitch and moan as a sign he's invested in the relationship. Men, on the other hand, see those same moments of conflict and negative emotions as a threat to the couple's happiness.

Cohen went on to emphasize the key to a successful relationship is for both members of a couple to show they empathize with one another's emotions, good or bad.

But enough about that. Cough up those tears.

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