Titanic director and Explorer-in-Residence of the National Geographic Society James Cameron recently constructed a 43-inch-wide "capsule" that he climbed into, then had dropped to the bottom of a five-mile-deep trench off the coast of Papua New Guinea. His next goal is to get dropped into a seven-mile-deep trench, so he can look at the creepy deep sea animals that live down there. So, now we know James Cameron isn't claustrophobic, aquaphobic, ichthyophobic, or nyctophobic.

Speaking of James Cameron and the bottom of the ocean, researchers recently put together a composite image of the Titanic shipwreck, just sitting there at the bottom of the ocean, full of wist and precious gems and that one sexy coal drawing of naked Kate Winslet, you know the one. [NYTimes, Atlantic Wire, Cameron image via Getty, Titanic via RMS Titanic Inc.]