If today feels extra strange for you, hang in there, it's merely the earth being pummeled by a "wave of plasma and charged particles" you're feeling. Yes, this humble little planet of ours is in the midst of a solar storm-the biggest solar storm in five years actually- and it might be throwing your Mercury in retrograde.

More specifically, weather experts say the solar flare eruptions can cause "disruptions to satellites, power grids and communications networks over the next 24 hours." I myself have thus far experienced an eerily pleasant subway ride to work (both trains arrived just as I did!), nearly devoid of morning commuters, and an extremely beautiful New York spring day.

So, if you follow the logic of science like I do, this solar kerfuffle can only mean that today is actually a very lucky day. Treat today the way you wish you had treated Leap Year: go nuts, murder someone if the mood strikes. As far as the cosmos and I are concerned, that uncanny feeling you're noticing is nothing but a great excuse to let your hair down down and loot a 7-Eleven. Sometimes it's just a good idea to chalk a weird day up to space, and give ourselves a freebie.

[Image via NASA/SDO]