Two gems from The New York Times' story about Shaukat Qadir, a retired Pakistani Army brigadier on a "quixotic" mission to find out everything about Osama bin Laden's last days:

Mr. Qadir claims that Bin Laden's youngest wife also told interrogators that her husband shaved his beard and disguised himself as an ailing Pashtun elder as he leapfrogged between safe houses across northwestern Pakistan, eventually regrowing the beard after finally settling in the Abbottabad house in 2005.

Mr. Qadir claims that Bin Laden's fifth and youngest wife, Amal Ahmed al-Sadah, told Pakistani interrogators that her husband underwent a kidney transplant operation in 2002—a claim that, if proven, could help explain how the ailing Saudi militant was able to survive with a known kidney ailment, but raises questions about who was helping him.

And the kidney was actually a pork chop. WHO'S SO HOLY NOW, EH?

No, but seriously, it's a fascinating article. Read it.