21-year-old Scout Willis is a senior at Brown University and, according to Ivy League gossip blog IvyGate, behind pseudonymous Twitter account @BougPunk where she describes her boozy exploits. Among them: Avoiding Terry Richardson sex acts, stealing from American Apparel, and sneaking into Chateau Marmont (Does the progeny of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore really have to "sneak in"?) and charging snacks to Lindsay Lohan's room.

We can't confirm whether @BougPunk is Scout's account. IvyGate seems pretty certain, and offers a slew of other identifying details. Anyway, here are @BougPunk's greatest hits:

She also once retweeted Horse_ebooks, which puts me in the awkward position of kind of liking her? Anyway, celebukid. Septum pierce. Terry Richardson's gross fingers. How you react to this news will likely reflect your feelings about Hollywood, in general.

UPDATE: Aaaaand @BougPunk is gone. So long, Scout.