Cat-stroking xenophobe Andrea Peyser has a Google Alert that plays the entire score to Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will every time it finds a story under "New York Times AND NYPD AND I Hate Terrorist Muslims." Ding ding ding! Today, like every day, is Andrea Peyser's lucky day.

"This has turned into a matter of life and death," is the first sentence of Andrea's New York Post column today. OH? Have the sluts finally teamed up with the fart smellers, to destroy America? Well, almost. The New York Times editorial page has written something "perplexing and infuriating," according to Andrea Peyser, a good writer:

Was the New York Police Department dead wrong for keeping an eye on mosques, cafes and Muslim-heavy schools in New Jersey? Anywhere terror might breed?

More importantly, should the men and women on the police front lines be investigated by the federal government - for their efforts at keeping us alive?

The Times says a resounding "Yes!''

Where might terror breed? Well, anywhere Muslims congregate. This is what Andrea Peyser says, just as plain as day. No euphemisms for Andrea Peyser. And what will happen if NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly decides to stop spying on Muslims who have not committed crimes, according to Constitutional law professor and tabloid columnist Andrea Peyser? "If Kelly gives in, people will die."

When Muslims get together, terror breeds. If we stop spying on them, people will die. Andrea Peyser is such a quirky and colorful journalism character, let's all write sideways-admiring profiles of her throwback nature, and then vomit.