If you are a young American entering the work force today, you may be preoccupied with the fear that the crushing weight of student loans will derail your economic future. To you, we say, for at least one day, today, don't worry about that. Instead, worry about how little money you're going to be paid.

Because you're going to be paid less. From the WSJ:

In data compiled for a coming report, the Economic Policy Institute, a center-left think tank in Washington, found that the average inflation-adjusted hourly wage for male college graduates aged 23 to 29 dropped 11% over the past decade to $21.68 in 2011. For female college graduates of the same age, the average wage is down 7.6% to $18.80.

We forgot to also remind you to worry if you're a woman. You ladies are screwed even more. But hey, one day, many years from now, you can retire, relax, and be unable to afford the skyrocketing price of your medications.

So don't worry so much.

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