The eagerly anticipated sequel to Olivia Munn's "Lick my tight asshole and choke me" sexy pictures has arrived. Here is a new cache of erotic self-portraits superimposed with arrows and sadomasochistic instructionstexts with Skitch, the photo editing application that is rapidly becoming the internet's go-to app for multimedia sexting.

I hereby dub this new cache the "I want your big dick right here" (IWYBDRH) series. It begins with a rigorously annotated apparent outtake from Olivia's January 2010 Maxim photo shoot (same bikini seen in the LMTAACM series, visible if you lighten the pic) in which Olivia provides an instruction manual for five parts of her body:

  • MOUTH: slap me, choke me and shove your dick in my mouth so deep i cant breath… please
  • NECK: please please please bite me bite me bite me
  • VAGINA: i want your big dick right here… all day… every day … all the time
  • VAGINA: put your cum all over here
  • BUTT: and here

Olivia Munn's illustrated guide to Olivia Mun's private parts is, however, not without its flaws. In a photo of back side Munn provides the following label:

  • BUTT: yes, chris, that's your pussy

As for the rest of the IWYBDRH series, there's another photo of Olivia's naked pudenda and right nipple, plus some butt cheeks, sexy faces, and assorted lingerie. [Egotastic]