What is the best kind of soda, all things considered? That's right: it's Diet Mtn Dew. No contest.

  • It has lots of caffeine just like regular Mtn Dew.
  • Tastes great, but with zero calories.
  • Sports a pleasing greenish tint.

And now, good news for Americans out there who may not be familiar with the pleasures of Diet Mtn Dew: popularity of Diet Mtn Dew is booming so much (predictably) that its parent company is giving Diet Mtn Dew its very own marketing budget and there's gonna be a shitload of new commercials and whatnot, and before you know it everyone and their mama will Doing the Dew—Diet Mtn Dew, That Is™.

Ad Age has the scoop, my friends: "The brand's first dedicated tagline, 'Yeah, it tastes that good,' drives home the message that Diet Mtn Dew is at taste parity with the regular version."

That is what I call some serious taste parity for you homos. Yeah. It tastes that good. Not gross like other kinds of soda. Diet Mtn Dew. What is your favorite kind of soda? Put your answer in the comments. If it's not Diet Mtn Dew, you're wrong. Answers should focus on discussing the merits of Diet Mtn Dew.

[Ad Age. This post isn't an ad, it's a Soda Knowledge Bomb]