It was revealed today that the notorious Anonymous hacker Hector Monsegnur—a.k.a. "Sabu"—has been cooperating with the Feds for months, and even worked off a computer they gave him for some time. But that doesn't mean Mosegnur is a fed, as he learned last month when he was arrested by NYPD for trying to pass himself off as an FBI agent.

On the evening of Feb. 3, an NYPD officer encountered 28-year-old Monsegnur at a Lower East Side apartment in New York City. When the cop asked Monsegnur for identification, the criminal complaint alleges, he replied, "My name is Boo. They call me Boo. Relax. I am a federal agent. I am an agent of the federal government."

Presumably, Monsegnur was hoping to get out of whatever trouble he thought he might be in by using his snitch status. We wonder, too, if "Boo" was his FBI handle, or just a mishearing of the name "Sabu."

But Monsegnur couldn't produce an official ID, and when the officer followed up with the FBI they told him Monsegnur wasn't actually an agent. Monsegnur was charged with one count of second degree criminal impersonation, a misdemeanor.

That's cute. Monsegnur had turned informant so completely that he actually thought he was an FBI agent.