A five-year investigation by the Manhattan DA led to the arrest of 44-year-old Anna Gristina in late February, DNAinfo reports. The millionaire madam, as she has been dubbed, was also caught on tape boasting that she had made millions in the prostitution racket.

From the article:

In a Feb. 23 arraignment in front of Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan, prosecutors said the public corruption unit had nearly a hundred hours of audio and video surveillance that showed Gristina had been providing prostitutes - including some who were underage - to a slew of powerful men out of an Upper East Side apartment, according to a transcript.

Prosecutors said the alleged madam had even bragged during the Eliot Spitzer investigation that she had a network of law enforcement sources poised to tip her off if her business was being watched, according to the documents.

The NYPD collected nearly 100 hours of audio and video before arresting Gristina while she had a meeting with a Morgan Stanley banker looking to help her expand her business. She ran the brothel out of an apartment on East 78th street.

[article via DNAinfo,