From the Facebook page of fearless Gawker overlord Nick Denton, a suggestion for a gay-rights campaign:

Nick Denton
51 minutes ago near New York
Okay, here's an idea for the marriage equality campaign.

Let's stipulate that women are largely okay with gay marriage; it's the remaining hetero males that need to be converted. Now they're not going to be much moved by appeals for justice. So let's try something different.

What does every straight guy like best about gay guys? Their social access to women. The more enlightened straights know that a gay buddy is the best wingman: well-connected and no competition. And what do they know about the anti-gay activists? They're, um, kind of gay.

So let's play on that. Imagine Alex Rodriguez or some similarly renowned player. He's a real dude. And he doesn't care. The more gays, the more unattached women. "Gay marriage? Whatever." And then the catchline: "MORE PUSSY FOR ME."

Later, Denton suggests:

Another line... "Think I give a fuck whether gays get married? I'm too busy fucking."

I spent about 5 minutes mocking up two possible poster ideas (above, and left) for the campaign, and since Nick told me that he hates it when we spend (paid!) time creating content only to waste it on Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook instead of dear old (monetized!), I present them here to you.