In case you've forgotten, let us take this opportunity to remind you: do not go to law school. Law school is worthless. Even more worthless than you think. Law school will not make you happy. The smart kids are not going to law school. You should not go to law school.

Well. Okay, fine—maybe if you are some well-born scion of wealth and you get into Harvard Law School or some other top-tier joint and you know you will have a pathway paved with gold when you get out, then fine. Go for it. If you are Average Joe American and you do not have a pathway paved with gold and you got into some Less-Than-First-Tier law school, here is a piece of advice: do not go. To that law school. Today's "why not to go to law school" factoid comes courtesy of this Matt Shaer story in New York magazine about law school graduates who are suing law schools because they (the law school graduates) are unable to find jobs, as lawyers:

Nationwide, there are two aspiring lawyers with passing bar-exam scores for every one open job; in New York State, the ratio is even more lopsided, with 9,787 passing the bar in 2009, then competing for roughly 2,100 new positions.

In conclusion, do not go to law school.

[New York. Photo: Mathieu Marquer/ Flickr]