The majority of the American Juggalo population only gets together once a year, at the annual Gathering of the Juggalos in Cave-in-Rock, Ill., and so it makes perfect sense that the community has now established its very own online base: JuggaloBook is the Juggalos' very own Facebook.

I briefly attended last summer's Gathering as a faux Juggalette, and so I made an account and clicked around today. (I appreciated that the three options for "I am" were Juggalo, Juggalette, and Juggalo [Female]. On JuggaloBook, you can be whatever kind of Juggalo you want to be.) The domain was registered on Feb. 20, 2010, but the site has grown exponentially in the past few weeks: JuggaloBook now has more than 12,500 members, and it's still growing.

The homepage, you'll notice, looks almost exactly like Facebook in grayscale, but the format inside isn't quite the same. Friends are called "Homies," and instead of "liking" something, such as a photo or a status, you give it a "Whoop Whoop!"—the phrase Juggalos and Juggalettes use to communicate joy or agreement.

Along with an auto news feed (sample updates: "Magnets > Double Rainbows," "faygo is da tightest shit any muthu fuckah evah mad"), there's also a rather vibrant live chat, full of cell phone numbers from Juggalos eager to connect, and some wonderful cross-cultural experiences. Earlier this afternoon, I witnessed this exchange:

phiilll: i am asian yo
phiilll: ain't many asian juggalos
phiilll: you know what im sayin
TazdaLette003: huh... i really d9on't think i've ever met an asian juggalo

Pinterest this is not.

JuggaloBook is free and has an open signup form, and the Juggalos are, of course, a welcoming group—but we've already gone and ruined the Gathering with our prying, so let's not abuse the privilege.

[JuggaloBook / Noisey. Photo by Bucky Turco.]