Olivia Munn and Christina Hendricks both suffered apparent hacks this weekend, resulting in the release of nude photos of both. We'll get to Christina in a separate post; first, let's talk about Olivia's NSFW nudes, which are basically the filthiest celebrity nudes to date.

Munn hasn't directly denied that the pictures are hers, though she did jokingly dismiss them on Twitter. The images themselves aren't significantly filthier than we've seen before, but the sadomasochistic demands Olivia apparently superimposed onto each picture are. Text on the above series of PG-13 images reads,

Chris, I <3 when you… finger my in the doorway, lick my tight asshole and choke me so hard i can't breathe… pull my hair, push my head down, shove your big, long dick in my mouth so deep i tear up and choke… slap my pussy til I come… fuck me in the ass slow and good. it hurts me but you won't stop because you know how bad i want it and how good it feels to force your dick inside my tight ass. slide your raw, perfect dick inside my tight, wet, warm pussy that i've saved just for you… on top of me, dick in my pussy, it's so good i can't take it. you grab my face, I look at me with the fucking look in your eyes and tell me to take it like a BIG GIRL… come so deep inside me… kiss me… slap me OVER and OVER, HARDER and HARDER until i learn to do what you say… <3 Olivia xoxo

Other photos include arrows pointing at bent-over images of alleged Olivia Munn's crotch. Are these photos really of Olivia, and are those her words? Evidence for:

  • The PG-13 photos seem to be Olivia. The pink bikini pic appears to be behind-the-scenes from her January 2010 Maxim cover.
  • If the photos are from the era of her 2010 Maxim, then it's true that Olivia would have been dating Star Trek star Chris Pine at the time.
  • Olivia frequently tweets photos edited with text and arrows on Skitch, the same program that appears to have been used to put text and arrows on these images.
  • Further pseudo-exegetical analysis from Munniacs is available here.

Evidence against:

  • Olivia's tweeted reaction to the photos: "If you ever hacked my phone, these are the pictures you'd find," with pictures of a fat baby and kitten.

If the photos are real, is their appearance online the work of the celebrity nude hacker ring currently facing litigation? Celebrity hacker expert Adrian Chen says the two most famous celebrity hackers—Christopher Chaney, who pleaded not guilty to hacking Scarlett Johansson, and DeepAtSea, whom he interviewed—aren't online anymore. But celebrity hackers are, of course, a renewable resource.

Meanwhile, Chris Pine is likely dreading the moment he gets caught on camera with someone who wants to know what Olivia Munn's asshole tastes like. On the other hand, this may definitively end the rumors that he's gay. [NSFW Fleshbot, Imgur, Reddit, TMZ, @OliviaMunn]

Update: Here's a post about Christina Hendricks' hack.