Watch out, American™ Cheez™—there is a new flavor of cheese "in town" that people are eating a lot of! That would be pepper jack—a fiesta of flavor in your mouth area due to the mixing of peppers inside of the cheez. It's not just hungry Americans shoving entire bricks of pepper jack into their drooling maws during their voracious Ambien-fueled sleepwalks—it's on Chik'n™ sandwiches too!

Pepper Jack as a menu offering on fast-food sandwiches has jumped more than 37% over the past four years, reports Datassential, the restaurant market-research firm. During that period, its availability as a menu offering on fast-food burgers has grown more than 56%.

Little spicy, little cheesy—it's the perfect mix! Sure, we'll always love American™ Cheez™—but that doesn't mean we can't open our minds—and our tastebuds!—to something a little "outside of the box"—of flavor!

This doesn't mean we like Mexicans.

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