A Nigerian woman who claimed to be pregnant was actually hiding a whole lot of heroin inside her ladyparts. Afolake Awoyemi was detained at JFK Airport after flying in from France. When asked by a Border Protection inspector, Awoyemi said she was three months pregnant — but she must not have been convincing, because Customs officers opted for a pat-down search.

It was then that they felt a bulge in Awoyemi's groin area, the kind of discovery that doesn't jibe with a pregnancy explanation. Officers decided to go forward with a partial strip-search, at which point Awoyemi, uh, gave birth.

When she dropped her drawers, Awoyemi's scheme fell apart. Pellets containing brown powder began dropping from her groin area — and the substance tested positive for heroin.

X-rays revealed that Awoyemi had more heroin pellets stashed inside her intestines, and she was forced to birth that "food baby" throughout the day. The NY Daily News articles makes a point of noting that she pooped into a toilet that sanitizes the drugs, which is useful information for germaphobes worried about agents digging through feces.

Awoyemi ended up "passing" a total of 25 pellets, the street value of which could add up to about $20,000. Sounds like a lot, until you learn how much drug mules before her have smuggled.

Experienced drug mules have swallowed up to 200 pellets containing drugs, indicating Awoyemi may have been on a maiden voyage, the spokesman said.

What an amateur. Awoyemi is currently recovering in the hospital and will face a federal magistrate on Monday. She did also receive a pregnancy test, and no, she isn't.

Another fun fact, from the Daily News piece: "four pellets lined end to end would measure about the size of a hot dog." The more you know.

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