Tonight marks Lindsay Lohan's fourth time hosting Saturday Night Live — her first since a seemingly endless amount of legal troubles and rehab stints. In honor of her comeback, Lohan will be addressing everything that has made her tabloid fodder. Oh, and she'll be singing. Thanks, TMZ.

Sources tell TMZ, nothing's off the table either — Lindsay will poke fun at all the recent mishaps in her life ... arrests, endless court dates, necklace-stealing sagas, jail, morgue duty ... the list goes on.

As to how far Lohan or SNL will take the jokes, no one is spoiling anything. TMZ's nebulous sources say that LiLo has a good sense of humor about her trouble with the law. But there's still the issue of her ongoing punishment, as she explained to Matt Lauer on NBC's Today show.

[Lohan] asked her lawyer to vet certain jokes because she doesn't want to anger the Los Angeles judge who's supervising her community service punishment. The judge gave Lohan permission to travel to New York to appear on the show.

While Lohan has invited several of her celebrity friends to join her on SNL, there's no word on whether Rachel Dratch will be back to reprise "Debbie Downer." Lohan was the host when the recurring sketch first premiered — she and the regular cast members famously broke down laughing throughout. Never has "I can't have children" been more hilarious.

[Image via AP]