Nothing beats the New York Daily News headline here: "Her agony of de-feet!" Ah, puns.

Anyway, Brooklyn woman Kate Wilson is fighting a $50 summons she got for putting her injured leg up on the subway seats next to her. During rush hour, this would be a different issue, but Wilson insists there were empty seats all over the car. Also, her leg really hurt.

As one cop began to write her a summons for obstructing seating, Wilson tried to reason with the officers and told them she ran 4 miles through Prospect Park the day before.

It's unclear if Wilson cares about the fine, or is just concerned with the principle of the matter. Either way, she did her best to talk her way out of the summons — and failed.

"I asked them if they had bigger fish to fry," she recalled. "The police officer said, ‘Yeah, but we're frying this one now.' "

Wilson, who works as an administrative assistant in the city, said she finally just bit her lip.

"It was a waste of resources," she said. "I can't help but believe this is happening to other people, but nobody comes forward."

Actually, tickets for occupying more than one seat are down 23 percent from the same period last year, which might explain why Wilson has fewer vocal allies. Nevertheless, she will continue to fight against the $50 fine — money she could have used, presumably, to buy ice packs for her leg. She's due in court March 27.

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