What is undisputed is this: W. Bryan Jennings, an investment banker with Morgan Stanley, got a cab to drive him from his office in Manhattan back to his home in Darien, Connecticut. In Darien, Jennings proceeded to pull out a pen knife and stab the driver in the hands. Why?

Jennings says that the driver tried to overcharge him, and when he refused to pay, locked the doors and sped off, vowing to return to Manhattan. The police say that Jennings refused to pay the agreed-upon fare, and when the driver drove off in search of a cop, Jennings "became enraged," shouted racial slurs, an stabbed him.

Regardless, Jennings will have to endure the wails of his own children when they hear the story. "Daddy, stabbing cabbie's shabby."

It's still early okay.

[NYP. Photo: AP]