Almost three years ago, after writing a Gawker post in which I casually referred to the neo-Nazi Holocaust Museum shooter James von Brunn as a "right-wing extremist," a got a voicemail message from Andrew Breitbart. He was angry.

I'd previously had a friendly relationship with Breitbart. We chatted occasionally—I kept in touch with him largely in the hopes that one day he would drop his guard and begin dishing about his mentor Matt Drudge—and even argued amiably about politics. But my post—which implied that Drudge and the New York Post covered the Van Brunn and George Tiller shootings less enthusiastically than they would have had the shooters not been motivated by right-wing hatred—enraged Breitbart. He accused me of "fucking slander" for calling Van Brunt an extremist on the right, and argued that the neo-Nazi was in fact a "multiculturalist just like the black studies and the lesbian studies majors on college campuses."

I posted the audio on Gawker. That action resulted in what stands to this day as the most epic, grueling IM fight I have ever had with anyone other than my wife. In two chats over three days, Breitbart and I went back and forth for nearly 10,000 words. Most of it was spent fighting over whether it was fair to describe a neo-Nazi as "right-wing," something I regarded as self-evident. Over the course of it, Breitbart repeatedly called me a "fucking liar," said I was working to censor him and "emboldening the Napalitano narrative," and accused me of working in concert with the Obama administration to "warm up" the public for the re-enactment of the Fairness Doctrine.

Looking back, I'm not sure that either of us came out of it looking very good. But the doggedness, obsessiveness, and rage that suffused Breitbart's ideological ballet says a lot, I think, about who he was, for good and ill. Needless to say, irrespective of who he was and what he did, I wish Breitbart were still alive and feel awful for his children. Here are the chats, unedited. The first one begins with me sending a link of the voicemail post to Breitbart.

AIM IM with Andrew Breitbart 6/11/09 5:03 PM

John Cook:

Andrew Breitbart: put the whole voicemail
AB: not the selct one

JC: listen
JC: it's all there

AB: i am saying that there is no clear distiction between white supremacy and the multicultual mindset
AB: he is a_ anti- bush
AB: anti mccain
AB:anti neo CON
AB: hates israel — unlike the right
AB: he fit the CURRENT LEFT in the way his mind thinks than anyone on the right i can name
AB: he thinks RACE MATTERS
AB: i sure the hell dont

JC: so it's a smear to try to use it for political gain by aligning him with an end of the ideological spectrum
JC: but he's got a lot in common with the left

AB: i believe in mixed marriages. perhaps more than racially pure ones. just to get this separate but equal PC crap out of our lives.
AB: i am fighting back your slander
AB: and you are not alone
AB:but you are politically motivated, thats for effin sure

JC: and if you're unfamiliar with the ling history of anti-semitic right wing anti-israel ideology, i don't know what to tell you
JC: john birch society? were they right wing or not?

AB: yet now people that support bush, cheney and neo cons are on the defensive?! thats crazy!

JC: he tried to kidnap members of the fed

AB: thanks for making the distinction
AB: you SLIKME traditional right wingers without making a MASSIVE MASSIVE firewall
AB: and its intentional
AB: you are enjoying it

JC: is anti-fed thinking a strain of right-wing thinking?
JC: michelle bachmann
JC: ron paul

AB: anarchists!

JC: that's not a part of the conservative spectrum

AB: no, it isnt
AB: no, it is not.

JC: i wouldn't get my panties in a bunch if you called animal rights terrorists left wingers

AB: its not true
AB: i would

JC: or shining path or whatever

AB: there are animal rights people
AB: who are righties
AB: its not ideological!

JC: own your ideas

AB: they are for animals
AB: not individual rights
AB: VS collective rights

JC: every political position would end in violence if taken to it's illogical extreme

AB: which is the current RIGHT vs left paradisgm

JC: there's no ideology that's immune from the lure of extremism

AB: read up on it
AB: read the founding fathers, cook

JC: to ID him politically is simply descriptive

AB: and thats what makes PC so EVIL. is that it applies the EVIL thinking of white supremacists wherein their blood line takes greater import than the individual.
AB: and hence my analogy!

JC: i agree with you on group rights

AB: to being a multiculturalist.
AB: thats my point
AB: i have ZERO lineage with the john birchers
AB: im a fucking Jew.
AB: he wanted to pop bill effin kristol

JC: is pat buchanan a right-winger?

AB: and you cant see why im otraged that WE HABV?E TO EXPLAIN FOR THE GUY?!
AB: ask pat what he thinks about this guy.

JC: is he on the right wing politically?

AB: that could do some reporting if you can find an aberrant right winger in the maisntream that sympathizes with him.

AB: copare hi to buchanan
AB: be my guest and enjoy the lawsuit.

JC: is pat buchanan on the right wing of the ideological spectrum?

AB: i dont think of buchanan as a white supremacist. but you could slander him as such.

JC: but is he right or left?
JC: i mean, i'm not saying the guy was a mainstream republican

AB: my point is

JC: i'm saying he is situated on the EXTREME right side of the political spectrum

AB: in the current formulation
AB: of groups rights uber alles

JC: so pat buchanan is a leftist?

AB: just because the left abhors when WHITES do it, but its OK when 'minorities' do it.
AB: its still the same way of thinking.
AB: make the argument how buchanan and this asshole are on the same ideological side. Please.

JC: pat buchanan has minimized the holocaust
JC: he has rationalized the rise of nazism

AB: so that is a right wing POV?

JC: he opposes the policies of israel
JC: i'm asking you

AB: minimizing the holocaust is a right wing phenomenon?

JC: i'm giving you the ideas that pat buchanan and this guy have in common

AB: there are MORE on the left who do that.

JC: and asking you if pat buchanan is a right winger

AB: but those are not RIGHT WING ideas
AB: MANY LEFTIES deny holocaust
AB: and im not saying buchanan does.

JC: he doesn't deny it

AB: lefties side with islamists that want CURRENT destruction of israel.

JC: ok so you're furious when you're associated with this guy


JC: and then you associate leftists with islamists who want to kill all jews

AB: im furious at your intellectual dishonesty or ignorance.
AB: von brun is not a conservative.
AB: and you are doing the lefts bidding
AB: by creating a relationship between obaama's right wing political enemies and this guy.
AB: david duke was against the iraq war
AB: so were you
AB: i wouldnt associate you and him

JC: that's because it's self-evident that we don't share any other ideas

AB: you are fIXATED in your piece on associating this guy with the current right.
AB: and the best you can do is: pat buchanan.

JC: von brunn's ideas are part and parcel of a long and illustrious string of right wing EXTREMISM

AB: so what ideas does this guy share with those on the right?

JC: hatred of the fed
JC: michelle bachmann

AB: left has that too!

JC: et al

AB: you are being so ridiculosuly disingenuous
AB: this is about trying to attack the current right wing critics of the admin
AB: when they share NOTHING in common with this guy.
AB: that is your posts intent.

JC: you should own your ideas
JC: i don't think you want to hurt or kill anyone

AB: my own ideas have nothing in comon with his.

JC: and that's not what i'm saying by calling the guy a right wing extremist

AB: you are trying to tie, like KOS, huffpo, this act
AB: with the admins current ideological enemies
AB: and on substantive issues of the last decade the s called far right have AGREED with the hard left on issues of iraq, anti-government fervor.

JC: what anti-government fervor?


JC: where's the left wing ruby ridge
JC: where's the left wing freemen?


JC: where's the left wing waco?

AB: WTO rallies galore

JC: ok i take your point on WTO

AB: just admit it: you wanted to attack us righties
AB: a ceap shot
AB: cheap

JC: and if a WTO protester killed someone, and you called him a left-wing extremist
JC: i wouldn't freak out about it
JC: because it would be true

AB: you are trying to embolden the clamp down on our free speech and dimunition of our points of dissent by drawing a line between US and EVIL.

JC: who's clamping down on your free speech?

AB: this is emboldening the napolitano narrative

JC: by the way i find it hysterical that one of the people who spent the last decade equating dissent from Bush policy with support for terrorists is complaining about the drawing of lines

AB: of the right out of control

JC: yeah where would anyone get that idea?

AB: thats a canard and a strawman
AB: changing the subject

JC: ok i've got an appt at 6
JC: i don't want to stop
JC: but i've gotta go
JC: when i have more time i will try to write a substantive response

After that chat, Breitbart wrote a column about what he regarded as the "specious ideological slander" of associating Von Brunn with the extreme right wing. In it, he acknowledged that the right had flirted with racism and anti-Semitism in the past. I IM'd him with a quote from that column.

AIM IM with Andrew Breitbart 6/15/09 3:11 PM

JC: "It's not Charles Lindbergh's Republican Party any more. And it hasn't been for more than a half-century."
JC: So there was a time when it was appropriate to refer to anti-Semitic neo-Nazis as right-wing extremists?
JC: But just not anymore"
JC: ?

AB: dude, the dems have robert byrd. if it is foud out von whatever his name is is a registered DEM i STILL won't use it to besmirch the left!

JC: When von Brunn was in his 30s, he was a right-wing extremist?

AB: your entire point was to make the right answerr for him when he has more in common with the left when analyzed.
AB: im not comparing him to the left to make the left answer for him.
AB: im responding to your standing slander

JC: But you admit that he had something in common with what the right wing USED to be

AB: which is motivated by a pandering desire to hurt the right, and give your DUMB readership its feelgood leftist jollies.

JC: 50 years ago


JC: You don't get anywhere arguing my motivations

AB: dems
AB: byrd
AB: dixiecrats

JC: Byrd is a democrant
JC: he is most certainly not a leftist
JC: at least in any sense i can see

AB: is a leftist construct
AB: and socialism is a populist default for populist racists

JC: I think leftism is a bit overdetermined in your analysis

AB: to say that the republican party has a RACIST past it needs to apologize for is a very narrow and opportunistic way of looking at things, especially with the dems history.

JC: So Byrd and Bill Ayers are ideological compatriots in your view?

AB: i stand by my piece. thoroughly.
AB: youre the one trying to tie the right to this, im not.

JC: But you acknowledge that there was a time when the term "right wing extremist" would have been appropriate

AB: it doesnt fit well on your incorrect political map.

JC: just not in the past 50 years, right?

AB: no

JC: It's not Charles Lindbergh's Republican Party any more. And it hasn't been for more than a half-century.
JC: When it was Lindbergh's party, would it have been appropriate?

AB: right, but i am not saying this guy AND von brunn have anything in common other than racism.
AB: i have NO IDEA if they have similar views
AB: on enough things to constitue him right or left
AB: you are working off ONLY RACISM

JC: is there such thing as a right-wing extremist?

AB: as your reason to slander the right as being the only place where racism has ever existed
AB: and it's STUPID, really stupid/

JC: seriously—describe a right-wing extremist?

AB: your the accuser!
AB: my piece explains itsself
AB: try to rip on it at gawker
AB: find the weakness in my column
AB: i am NOT accusing him of being a leftie
AB: i am analyzing him on WHAT WE KNOW OF HIM
AB: and MORE THINGS ADD up to the current left
AB: than the current right

JC: which is the same thing as accusing him of being a leftie

AB: and all you can hang your hat on is he is a rACIST

JC: and anti-semite

AB: therefore he must be a right wing extremist

JC: and fed-hater
JC: and neo-nazi

AB: enjoy yourself.

JC: i was asking a serious question

AB: my column speaks for itself.

JC: about the lindhberg party

AB: it wasnt HIS PARTY
AB: im simply stating that there was a time
AB: when BOT parties had racists in it
AB: when the country has regressive attitudes
AB: that were accepted in both parties

JC: so even then, it wouldn't have been appropriate to describe him as a right-wing extremist

AB: but the GOP has absolutely hoovered itself from any vestige of racism
AB: obviously not

JC: there are no racists in the GOP?

AB: he is against bush, fox news, pro socialism
AB: he is a lone nut conspiracy theorist whose politics is complicated by his madness and you are tryig to make the right be held to account for it.

AB: 3and it wont fly
AB: you are wrong to have perpetuated the slander
AB: but you are in large, bad company
AB: so feel good you have strength in numbers
AB: of disingenuous leftists
AB: who want to create free speech problems for peopel like me

JC: so i'm censoring you?

AB: this is about warming people up on legislation
AB: like fairness doctrine

JC: or is obama censoring you?

AB: i didnt accuse me of CENSORING YOU

JC: you're trafficking in conspiracy

AB: jesus. you are putting the MAINSTREEAM RIGHT IN A BOX
AB: a racist box
AB: so that we can be legislated into obscurity

JC: no one is bringing back the fairness doctrine

AB: becauee our thoughts are HATE CRIMES in the making.

JC: your tilting at windmills

AB: this is the BS that passes as education
AB: .no, you are.
AB: read my column. it is airtight.
AB: you want the right to ADMIT it has a lineage with this guy.

JC: i want you to acknowledge reality

AB: so you can draw the correlation that the right is OUT OF CONTROL and countenances anti-semetic crap and racism.

JC: i want you to understand the meaning of the word "extremism"

AB: you're the one who lives in a gawker snark fest of unreality.
AB: where you can just insult people
AB: and throw ad hominens
AB: .and call it journalism

JC: and understand that describing him as an extremist in and of itself distinguishes people like you from him


JC: and if you want to get into motivations
JC: you're not arguing rationally or earnestly

AB: why are you DEMANDING that right wing media embrace him as one of their own?

JC: you're desperate to distance yourself from this guy

AB: when he has nothing in common ideologically

JC: so you're inventing history and inventing ideological curlicues



AB: when he has TONS IN COMMON
AB: with the mainstream left.

JC: no one said he was mainstream

AB: you live in a leftie media bubble, dude.

JC: he comes from a long line of anti-semitic, nativist thinking that has forever been associated with the right wing in this country

AB: i used to be a liberal.
AB: left leaning.
AB: you only know he hates blacks and jews

JC: am i saying robert byrd's not a racist?

AB: why are you not asking robert byrd to disassociuate himself from him?

JC: the fact that robert byrd is a democrat is irrelevant to your argument

AB: and DEMS for their KKK history?
AB: this guy is a KKK minded guy

JC: he's the last of dozens of nativist, racist RIGHT WING democrats that used to dominate the south

AB: why arent souther dems held to account?


AB: yes there are

JC: they're all republicans now

AB: thats not true!

JC: byrd=helms

AB: fucking liar

JC: same tradition

AB: stop this
AB: you are annoying me, you already tried to frame me like a loon
AB: when i have only been helpful to you
AB: historically

JC: i didn't frame you like a look
JC: n
JC: i posted your VM

AB: my column speaks for itself.
AB: Crazy voicemails, James von brunn, AB, Terrorism, Top
AB: We were going to draw up a reasoned response, and talk about the roots of right-wing radicalism, nativism, the John Birch Society, etc. But you know what? He's right. James von Brunn is exactly like a lesbian studies major. Well played, Andrew.

JC: alright

AB: you have ZERO self knowledge

JC: let the record show i actually tried to argue this with you

AB: you continue to try to be rude to me using your public forumn

JC: and not hurl all caps insults

AB: you are trying to put me in this guys camp
AB: and i will not accept it
AB: i havent assaulted you verbally. or put my politics in the same space as a NAZI!

JC: you regularly put my politics in the same space as stalin

AB: where?

JC: but that's ok?

AB: i tie you to it?
AB: where?
AB: thats insane

JC: ok hold on—you're going to make me find you talking about leftists and communism?

AB:make you find?
AB: you just made the assertion!
AB: individual liberties
AB: that which the right stands for
AB: has EXACT opposite to do
AB: with this guy
AB: and you are asking people who stand for "FREE MARKET THINKING
individual liberties"
AB: to account for a non existent ideological relationship.
AB: we dont countenance the von brunns in ANY WAY>
AB: yet you make us have to account for it.
AB: that is what spawned the righteous and factually correct voicemail
AB: that i elaborated on in an airthight argument.
AB: in wash times.

JC: "Funny - or maybe not - how the Left doesn't contribute a well-orchestrated propagandistic effort to argue against the likes of Saddam. Or Arafat. Or Mugabe and Mobuto. Or, well... supply your own out-of-control murderous world leader. For that matter, they don't much like looking back at such like-minded monsters of the past as Stalin or Pol Pot, whose paths to utopia demanded the extermination of those who dissented."
JC: like-minded

AB: i will not write a column expalining why you and stalin are not related. or how i never made the comparison either.
AB: yes the CURRENT left
AB: has a DIRECT relationship
AB: with apologizing for murderous socialist totalitarian thugs
AB: as in lefties STILL apologizing for alger hiss
AB: and countless other collaborators

JC: ok so let's review:

AB: sean penn going to cuba
AB: venezuela
AB: between von brunn and the people you are tryingto tie him to.

JC: i'm not tying him to people
JC: i'm tying him to a political tradition

AB: the only reason you would demand they play him up is to be held accountable for his existence when they have NOTHING to do with itl
AB: the political tradition of which i speak is ALIVE and well.
AB: it is the left on the CURRENT college campus

JC: so we're back to my question

AB: and is self avowed left
AB: the only reason you would demand they play him up is to be held accountable for his existence when they have NOTHING to do with

JC: there WAS a branch of right-wing thinking that was nativist, racist, and ant-semitic
JC: right?

AB: yes.

JC: ok
JC: thanks
JC: when did it die?

AB: i wrote over 50 years ago

JC: some point more than 50 years ago
JC: ok
JC: so when von brunn was in his 30s


JC: he ceased to be right wing

AB: we dont know that

JC: at some point in his thirties

AB: you are only using what little outline
AB: we have on him
AB: the CALL was based on you asking people who have nothing to do with his line of thinking to own up to an ideological relationship.


JC: so you claim to know that the right-wing became cleansed of nativism, anti-semitism and racism
JC: but you don't know when?

AB: you are expanding the context of my 'crazy' VM

JC: i'm asking you questions based on your column

AB: you tried to make MURDOCK
AB: who are the OBJECTS of his hatred

JC: was it cleansed of antisemitism when richard nixon was complaining about "cheap kikes" in the white house?

AB: to have to apologize for him!

JC: when he complained that the "IRS was full of jews"?
JC: the right wing, at that point, when richard nixon was saying those things, had been cleansed of anti-semitism?

AB: isolate the context
AB: of my VM

JC: i'm talking about your column

AB: my column is dead on
AB: .and your slur to murdoch and drudge was lame as hell.
AB: and i stand by every 'drunken' word on the VM.

JC: your column claims without evidence that the right-wing poltical tradition had been cleansed of anti-semitism nativism and racism at some unspecified point int he past

AB: of course it has

JC: you acknowledge that those strains were there
JC: and now they're gone

AB: there is ZERO evidence of it being accepted or acceptable

JC: so why was richard nixon talking abotu "cheap kikes"?

AB: i guarantee you that TODAY
AB: 1 million democrats used that word
AB: and that the dem party leaders TOO are

JC: i'm not claiming that the left is free of anti-semitism
JC: it's obviously not

AB: it is not an ideological component
AB: of nixon's LEGACY
AB: it was private discussion
AB: and not a platform
AB: or a policy derived from that sentiment.
AB: in fact he wasa great friend of ISRAEL!
AB: jesus!

JC: so he wasn't an anti-semite?

AB: look at the conext
AB: of my message

JC: jordan is a friend of israel

AB: it matters not a whit!

JC: nominally

AB: both sides have assholes

JC: yes!

AB: but you are tying murdock and drudge to the guy
AB: for NOT calling him a right winger

JC: why can't you admit that von brunn is a right wing asshole?

AB: no
AB: all you have on him is that he is a racist
AB: and anti israel

JC: i don't care if murdoch and drudge call him a right-winger

AB: you wrote that

JC: my point was they downplayed it

AB: that was the context of the VM!

JC: not that they called him by the wrong name
JC: go read the post

AB: you want the right to have to own up to him
AB: when he has nothing to do with them

JC: i want them to pay attention to him and alert their readers

AB: and his current philosophies more resemble people in control of the left
AB: but we didnt do that!
AB: people on the right
AB: because he is a lone nut!

JC: think about what you're saying

AB: whose philosophiesare crazy

JC: so the nyt is in your view a left wing paper, right?

AB: and across the ideological spectrum
AB: and we still dont know everything about him let alone THAT DAY
AB: when there was only sketchy info

JC: the nyt should only cover the things that the left acknowledges responsibility for?
JC: i wasn't saying that the post and drudge should own up to it

AB: you are tellign me that they didnt ocver those stories?

JC: i was saying they should cover it
JC: they downplayed that story

AB: hardly!

JC: drudge did a one-line link
JC: and gave bullshit about exec pay a siren


JC: you're right

AB: you are nuts, dude

JC: my bad
JC: i meant that he didn't give it a siten
JC: siren

AB: HUH!#!#@$#$#r4

JC: but he did give an exec pay story a siren

AB: double headline! above fold?
AB: how often does THAT happen!

JC: and the post didn't give it the cover

AB: dude you are crazy
AB: look in the mirror

JC: you're right about drudge
AB: fucking a
AB: all ive asked for is context of my vmail
AB: and this is it!

JC: ?

AB: thats as exclamation point as you are going to get
AB: when singular acts of murder happen EVERY DAY

JC: go look at the post

AB: hundreds of times

JC: a screengrab of the drudge headline about von brunn is there
JC: when i just said it was a one-line link
JC: i was confusing it with tiller
JC: which WAS a one-line link

AB: you exhaust me
AB: i continue to prove your logic wrong
AB: and your assertions
AB: my VM was a contextually based LOGICAL response
AB: to your MISSING one bigtime
AB: over von brunn
AB: and trying to make people held to account who have DONE NOTHING WRONG

JC: yes it was exceedingly logical, andrew
JC: i was accusing matt drudge and rupert murdoch of murder, obviously
JC: and you as well

AB: the logical mindset of the post structural 'studies' grad
AB: validates the worst aspects
AB: of the supremacist mindset
AB: but because they are 'victim' groups its OK!

JC: so here's my question

AB: look it up
AB: it is centerpiece of the chicano studies programs
AB: supremacy minded education
AB: my comparison takes into account the IRONY
AB: of this
AB: you understand that i get that it is IRONIC
AB: but it is true nonetheless

JC: can you name a chicano studies or lesbian studies or black studies major who's ever shot anyone?
JC: seriously asked

AB: yes
AB: countless black panthers
AB: why shoot someone when you are IN POWER!
AB: they control the education depts
AB:white trash racists are actually on the outside looking in
AB: they are the lower class dregs

JC: the black panthers control the dept of education?

AB: who are the one disempowered group in the multicultural pantheon.
AB: is a hero
AB: on the college campus
AB: for shooting a 'pig'
AB: so dont tell me there isnt a murderous component to the left
AB: by those motivated by their racialist minded righteousness
AB: my sister is mexican FYI

JC: i was actually asking whether any chicano studies or black studies or lesbian studies major had shot anyone

AB: im sure they have

JC: and mumia to my knowledge wasn't a black studies major

AB: what does that have to do with anything?

JC: and the black panthers predated black studies depts

AB: im talking about their MINDSETS

JC: i think

AB: not on how they act on the mindset
AB: because the majority of white supremacists dont shoot people either
AB: i AM NT DEFENDING WHITE SUPREMACISTS FYI. my values system is pro death penalty
AB: and i hope von brunn is put to death
AB: so you are showing a leniency i wont.
AB: and where were you on the army muslim killer?
AB: why not compare drudge's treatment of that
AB: to the tiller
AB: effin GIS gunned down by a self avowed jihadist
AB: 3 on abortion near top of 3rd column
AB: NOT A 'single' link
AB: as you falsely claimed
AB: and MUCH lower
AB: a single link to the recruitment story

JC: that was an isolated incident—there aren't waves of homegrown jihadis killing GIs

AB: yes there are
AB: killing PEOPLE!

JC: where?

AB: killing infidels

JC: in the states?

AB: 3you said one
AB: you AGAIN lied, er, misreported

JC: i said "one link" here, in this IM chat

AB: and thats only ONE snapshot

JC: obviously i was wrong
JC: i put up the screengrab and made the point that he was underplaying it

AB: there's multiple days of coverage of the story

JC: that was from the morning of

AB: yes, selective and wrong.
AB: but i could care less about you and your drudge obsession
AB: seriously

JC: well of course it's selective

AB: selctively as in wrong

JC: everything that goes on every site is selected
JC: what did i get wrong, exactly?

AB: you make a false asseriton

JC: where?

AB: link me the piece

JC: And we didn't see it last week, after an anti-abortion jihadist murdered George Tiller. Susan Boyle got top billing on that morning.

AB: i was workignoff your IMs
AB: on single link
AB: Nothing to see here, people. Move along.
AB: is hardly the case
AB: when for multiple days he multiple links it
AB: but isnt that the glory of having your own sites
AB: to play up what matters to you how you want

JC: and they played down an attack by a right-wing extremist

AB: he is NOT
AB: its pathetic

JC: your position is that there's no such thing as a right-wing extremist
AB: undermines your argument

JC: someone who loves freedom too much i guess
JC: look at the post!

AB: id say timothy mcveigh

JC: it's screengrabbed

AB: is a better example of a right wing extremist


AB: because he was anti government
AB: ask the libertarians to explain it away

JC: mcveigh was every bit the neo-nazi that von brunn is

AB: they have more in common
AB: but you arent at war politically with them

JC: jesus did anybody call von brunn a republican extemist
JC: ?
JC: right-wing

AB: why not ask ron paulites to explain it away
AB: ron paul is more akin
AB: to von brunn

JC: it's part of the political continuum
JC: you are on it

AB: TONS of lefties

JC: von brunn is on it

AB: in R. paul camp
AB: but you wanted CONSERVASTIVES

JC: you admit that mcveigh is on your side of it

AB: to have to pay for him

JC: but on von brunn

AB: not paul and the kooks
AB: murdoh is a fucking australisn

JC: even though mcveigh's and von brunn's politics are virtually identical

AB: thats not true
AB: my column stands

JC: rupert murdoch is an american

AB: so the second you become an american

JC: he renounced his australian citizenship
JC: also

AB: and you are a conservative
AB: who reads milton friedman
AB: you have to apologize for racists

JC: there are right and left wings in australian politics

AB: for whom you have no ideological lineage?
AB: where is bobby jindal to explain away von brunn?!

JC: am i asking you to apologize?

AB: you are asking us to embrace him as one of our OWN!?
AB: its worse
AB: and we wont do it.

JC: but he would have been at some undetermined point more than 50 years ago
JC: before the Great Cleansing

AB: whereas the racialism of the leftie terrorist like ayers is CLEAR and present in current mainstream liberal politics.
AB: your entire point is to TAR neo cons with him
AB: when they are the exact opposite
AB: nothing to see here, move along!
AB: as in: they are ignoring what they are connected to and continue to propogate.
AB: when its NOT TRUE!
AB: neo cons are an enormous reason why the lindberghs are no longer in the party.

JC: clearly
JC: they were able to keep nixon out
JC: and pat buchanan

AB: and you are asking for drudge, a jew, and murdock a pro warrior to PLAY UP a guy as one of their own!

JC: also
JC: who cares about the party?
JC: no one's talking about the republican party

AB: ITS completely screwed up reasoning and a slander by sleight of hand!

JC: i'm talking about the right wing of american politics

AB: and im telling you that the left has MORE IN COMMON with him now
AB: anti-israel
AB: conservatives prop up israel
AB: leftists want to bring it down
AB: for better or worse!

JC: so support for israel is inconsistent with anti-semitism?
JC: didn't you just say that nixon was a huge friend to israel?

AB: very much so. by defintion!
AB: you are parsing to try and get you a place you arent going to go.
AB: the left has more to explain in current atmosphere for fomenting anti-israel
AB: anti jewish sentiment
AB: that would enrage a von brunn to act last week
AB: than the collective rigth leaning mainstream writing and politicies of last 40 years

JC: jesus you don't understand what extremism is

AB: von brunn would get an erction from teh anti semitism on a college campus today

JC: no one said he was mainstream
JC: or influenced by mainstream right wing thought
JC: at least i didn't

AB: you are asking people to openly connect to their POV who are openly repulsed and have the exact opposite POV.
AB: its insane
AB: drudge defined him for what he was
AB: a white supremacist

JC: Or in other words, a lesbian studies fanatic
JC: he could have done a siren!

AB: pathetic
AB: grwat job

JC: i think you just don't get that there is such a thing as extremism, which can be distinguished from mainstream political thinking

AB: it is ANYHTING but the definition of your 'nothing to see here , move along!!!!'
AB: EXACT opposite
AB: how often does that happen

JC: i don't know

AB: double above the fold headline

JC: how often does a siren happen?

AB: far less than siren

JC: only when someone DOESN'T rein in exec pay?

AB: and i have NO IDEA
AB: if there was a sirten or not
AB: some times he does siren

JC: and then gets accused by drudge of reining in exec pay?

AB: for 3 minutes
AB: do you know for sure he didnt do siren?

JC:if he did it's not in the archives
JC: go check for yourself

AB: answer the question
AB: do you know for sure he didnt do siren?
AB: are you a reporter?
AB: what is a reporter supposed to do, john?

JC: i think they call this proving a negative

AB: how many sources do you have that there was no siren?
AB: you made the assertion
AB: and made it seem like he was playing it down
AB: is not playing it down
AB: DOUBLE HEADLINE is not playing it down
AB: playing up he is a WHITE SUPREMECIST
AB: is not playing it down
AB: in fact

JC: he played it beneath a bullshit story about exec pay that was the opposite of his headline

AB: no he didnt!

JC: he thinks claiming—falsely—that obama wants to rein in exec pay is more important than von brunn

AB: what are you talking about!

JC: where's the siren?

AB: you are not well.
AB: theres nothing to see here
AB: move along
AB: my god
AB: that is a CRAZY misreporting
AB: on how he DID play it up
AB: your report is FALSE
AB: as to how he played it up

JC: but it didn't merit a siren
JC: when lies about exec pay do

AB: are you some drudge alogist?

JC: ?
JC: don't follow you

AB: im not him so i cant get into the MINUTIAE
AB: of what is more important
AB: above the fold doubleheadline

JC: he played it up right to the point where it gets a siren and then stopped

AB: why would drudge feel that this needs to be played down?
AB: when he PLAYED IT UP
AB: it was only after the FACT
AB: that you guys are saying hes a RIGTH WINGER
AB: i would imagine he only saw RACIST ANTI SEMITE!
AB: and given drudge is a jew
AB: would think he was a BAD GUY
AB: the right wing thing is your after the fact response — and its delusional.
AB: you were trying to make the event something that its WASNT
AB: when it was happening!
AB: and what it was when it was happening was SIGNIFANCT
AB: very significant
AB: and not seen as it was happening in the right left spectrum
AB: and the double headline MADE IT SO PROMIENT

JC: no of course there was no political element

AB: that people treated a lone shooting by a lone nut
AB: out to be MASSIVE story

JC: absolutely he was a lone nut with no political beliefs
JC: i mean sorry
JC: he did have lesbian studies beliefs
JC: but that's IT
JC: no other political element to it

AB: you lost, so now you are resorting to 3rd grade tactics

JC: which one of us has been engaging in ad hominem attacks?
JC: who told whom to fuck off?
JC: i'm trying to have an argument with you

AB: my public debate with you has been far less damaging to you than to me

JC: you're yelling at me

AB: you made me look like an ass.
AB: on purpose
AB: i stand by what i said
AB: but you tried to frame me as nuts

JC: you framed yourself

AB: and i havent done shit to you in response
AB: it wasnt crazy

JC: no it was a reasoned response, andrew

AB: it had the contxt of our continuing to talk abou tit
AB: it is reasoned
AB: my column explains it

JC: your column explains that, fifty plus years ago, it would not have been a FUCKING SLANDER to call von brunn a right-wing extremist

AB: your initila report is now shown to be an erroneous hitjob

JC: but that at some indeterminate point, it became one
JC: for reasons that you refuse to explain

AB: the gola of your column
AB: was to make people who are not guilty
AB: of his shame
AB: and for sharing similar ideology
AB: and they dont. period.
AB: it was the CONTEXT
AB: of you calling him a right winger
AB: to make of all people — neo-cons — have to explain away the guy!
AB: neo-cons of all people should be PRAISED by you

JC: who said neocons?

AB: for getting rid of them from the right!

JC: by fiat?

AB: when you isolate murdock and drudge
AB: they are pro israel

JC: by proclamation?

AB: and pro jew
AB: and you want to make it appear as if they have blood on their hands
AB: when it is EXACT OPPOSITe

JC: fine so you've redifined anything that's not pro-israel and not pro-jew as no longer right wing
JC: because you said so
JC: so pat buchanan is not right wing

AB: the context is you saying they IGNORED it
AB: when drudge didnt

JC: so show me where i said they ignored it

AB: and your parsing descrption of him playing it under another thing is simply stupid.

JC: i said "these images show how they covered it"

AB: move along, theres nothing to see..
AB: drudge drew more attention to the story, in all likelihood, than ANYONE!
AB: and the double headline sure told people: uh oh, big deal: white supremacist SHOT up holocaust museum!

JC: why won't you answer me how and when the neocons expelled all racists and antisemites from the right wing?

AB: what an esoteric thing that has NOTHING to do with anything in the context of my factual column AND factual VM.
AB: i would say that the 50s, where neo cons were made prominent
AB: in the movement
AB: the first anti-communists
AB: norman podhoretz
AB: irving kristol
AB: if there is a political goal to be MADE of this given CURRENT political alliances

JC: so there were no racist right-wingers in the 1960s?

AB: is how dangerous the LEFT% IS
AB: in its pursuit of appeasing terrorsits
AB: in iraq
AB: and palestinians
AB: and the left has a MOVE ALONG THERES NOTHING TO SEE HERE mentality
AB: about the bed theyve made with sundry antisemetics wihtout a home

JC: George Wallace wasn't a right-wing politician?

AB: NO!!!!!!!!!
AB: he was populist
AB: socialist policies

JC: so there's no such thing as a right-wing populist?

AB: wanted to give poor white people government goodies

JC: all populists are left-wing?

AB: you would like to make all racists right wing
AB: i am saying the political spectrum is VERY expansive
AB: and you wan to simplify it
AB: 3to hurt the right

JC: does it have a right and a left?

AB: it's not a straight line chart

JC: ok so you are disputing the idea of putting political thinking on a right-left spectrum


AB: this one
AB: that one is editorialized

JC: so von brunn is a liberal, then
JC: and george wallace was a liberal

AB: im not making that point
AB: im saying the political chart
AB: and political time confuse these things

JC: you're showing me a chart

AB: and you are tryig to make him something he sint

JC: on which von brunn could be one of three things on the left-right axis: liberal (left), centrist, or conservative (right)
JC: so was he a liberal, a centrist, or a conservative?

AB: big govmnt
AB: as were most

JC: but look at the chart


JC:it has two axes
JC: you can't place him only on one of them

AB: no, you can BE THERE!
AB: you dont have to be one or the other

JC: if you situate him on that chart, he has to either be liberal, centrist, or conservative
JC: this is your chart, not mine
JC: of you put him down on a statist, he has to be SOMEWHERE on the left-right axis

AB: things that would suggest left:
AB: he had a desire to get a pension
AB: .i would imagine
AB: and govmnt money he felt was best his
AB: and his kind
AB: and thinks HIS government
AB: is paying for THEM
AB: .not HIM
AB: and screwed up his pipe dream of US of a racially directed big government that kept the other DOWN so he could live the good life
AB: and milton friedman and abraham lincol, the founder of the GOP reject that.
AB: was abraham lincoln an anti semite?

JC: i have no idea
JC: he was a racist
JC: he was a racial seperatist

AB: well, ill grant you fitting in with the democrat media complex.
AB: we dont think similarly.

JC: "there is a physical difference between the white and black races that will for ever forbid the two races from living together on terms of social and political equality."

AB: well, im pro miscegenation

JC: so am i

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