Typical men: As soon as they see something women have, they have to have it for themselves. Like thong underwear and mangagement rings. So it is with a couple of Pinterest clones which aspire to be "Pinterest for men."

Pinterest is the Mormon housewife's image bookmarking service of choice; it's reportedly 82% female. But the male-dominated tech geek scene has mocked Pinterest with such fervor that it's become obvious they're super jealous that they don't have a place to organize and share all their fun home decorating and cooking ideas.

Now they have two options, though they both suck to the point that they might actually be jokes. Manteresting looks like Tumblr designed by a professional Xbox player hopped up on Mountain Dew Code Red. Gentlemint is essentially a wholesale rip-off of Pinterest, but instead of low-fat turkey burgers and well-organized closets it's populated with bacon cheesburgers and well-organized tool chests.

But why do we need these sad virtual man caves? Men: You can do all this on Pinterest, with the added benefit of not appearing so insecure with your masculinity that you fear just creating a profile on a social network that's largely female will cause breasts to sprout on your chest and lust for expensive thigh-high leather riding boots to fill your heart. And, anyway, you probably already are on a female-dominated social network: 62% of Facebook activity is driven by women. Get over yourselves, dudes. Maybe you'll even learn a little about closet organizing.