In today's news that will take away any desire for procreation you might have been grasping onto, military and police trainers are now suggesting that the "Run, Hide and Wait" protocol be ingrained in students in much the same way they currently learn "Stop, Drop and Roll." Schools will soon be teaching children both fire and gunfire safety.

The logic behind "Run, Hide and Wait" is that running from a shooter can have a higher survival rate than remaining locked down in classrooms, as is the current procedure. But schools are hesitant to introduce such a chilling lesson to their students.

To provide additional protection, Chuck Habermehl, founder of Close Quarters Battle in Florida, says the group is in favor of providing guns to teachers. "Very rarely are police in position to stop an active shooter," Habermehl explains. "Teachers are."

Sure, no problems there whatsoever.

[The Daily, Image from Flickr/cinderellasg]