There's a bigger, better, badder trailer for Marvel's summer tentpole The Avengers. It looks good. It looks so good that every comic book nerd out there (myself included) is popping a tentpole. But the real questions is, will they fuck it up?

The trailer looks good, but it was never a question that the styling and effects and all that jazz would be good. That's the easy part. There are some spectacular feats in the movie, like the Hulk grabbing Iron Man and ripping through a building at the same time. The whole thing looks awesome.

But then, in the final seconds of the trailer, we see a big evil monster come around the side of the building and its the same sort of metallic blur that has infested all of the Transformers movies and will give you a headache not only from looking at it, but from pulling your hair out over its idiocy. It's like with every trailer that comes out not only do I get excited, but I get nervous thinking that there's no way that Hollywood isn't going to fuck this up for us.

Still, it's written and directed by Joss Whedon, and Marvel has a half-way decent track record with turning their franchises into films. Maybe I should trust them? Maybe I should let go and stop being nervous and just die a little bit of excitement? Oh, but it's so hard to fend off disappointment. Maybe if the next trailer has a Renner or a Hemsworth or an Evans or even a Johannsen with a shirt off it might make things a little easier. Maybe.