Some call Ötzi the Iceman the world's first murder victim. While we are no closer today to bringing his killer to justice, scientists can confirm that Ötzi had brown eyes.

This finding was published in the Nature Communications journal, as part of the information gleaned from the recent sequencing of Ötzi's full genome.

Other things we learned about Ötzi today:

  • He was of an "O" blood type, the second most valuable blood type in the world, after unicorn blood.
  • He was lactose intolerant, meaning more mozzarella sticks for you.
  • He was predisposed to heart disease, a bummer.
  • He had Lyme disease, also a bummer.
  • It may have been possible to get lost in the aforementioned brown eyes "for hours." (unconfirmed)

Famously the subject of an inscrutable Brad Pitt tattoo, Ötzi was discovered by hikers in the Alps in 1991. It is believed he bled to death in the snow after being felled by an arrow.

Cupid's arrow.

(Just kidding. A real arrow.)

[Image via AP]