I'm feeling pretty special this morning, because I received a personal invitation from Malcolm Sykes, CEO of SocialMeter.org (which "allows members to meet and build professional relationships while contributing to charitable causes"), to have dinner with the one and only Mr. Barack Obama, president of the USA.

For $35,800.

That's the cheap ticket. A few things stand out here:

  • Sure does cost a lot of money to have dinner with USA president Barack Obama! I mean, I knew it would, no big secret, but really. Lotta money.
  • Is it normal to solicit attendees at a $35,800 per plate dinner via mass email blast? Does Mitt Romney do that too? I don't know.
  • Every time Barack Obama emails me directly about having dinner, he asks for much smaller donations. You guys are being kind of gauche.
  • Looks like this "Tony Chase" is a rich guy. Is this a "dress-up" event? Because I would have to take my shirt to the dry cleaner, which is just one hassle after another.

Anyhow I can't make it, but feel free to pass on the invitation to any groupie types. Let us know how it was.