It was bad enough living next to a superfund site with limited subway access, but now these neo-Nazis prowling the streets are really making life in Greenpoint unappealing. Right next to the vegan bakeries and rockabilly barbers, wafting in like the stench of rotten pirogis, a group of misguided Polish youth are embodying the worst stereotypes of their homeland.

Photographer Adam Krause (full disclosure, he's a friend) shot these portraits of neo-Nazis in Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood. The process started when he recognized the symbols on a t-shirt one of the men wore at a gym in Greenpoint. Having grown up in the punk scene in Florida, he was familiar with the insignia. He soon gained their trust and shot photos of the group.

Normally I'm quite vigilant about anti-Semitism and my family doesn't have a history of the warmest relations with the Polish people (they were TOTAL dicks to my bubby) but before forming up the JDL of Williamsburg I think we shouldn't get too worried. As a mutual friend pointed out when Krause first showed us the photos, it seems this is more a group of angry young men who are confusing polish nationalism with anti-Semitism than any sort of active organization that poses a threat.

[pic via Adam Krause]