Heidi Leigh, and her "Buppets" are quickly taking off. Oh you know, Buppets, the literal coming together of the word "boob" and "muppet," personified in a tit dressed up as a human.

What started as just a silly lady thing Buppets-creator Heidi did with her silly lady friends, has quickly turned into an increasingly popular weird Internet thing. According to Heidi, her blog Tit Thinks It's People has received 50,000 views in a mere 3 weeks. Though it's easy to understand why Heidi's band of Buppet babies have been relegated to the realm of the NSFW, she makes it clear that it is meant to be nonsexual (despite the unsurprising fact that it has been featured on at least one fetish site, that she knows of).

Once she realized that other people were into manipulating their nipple hairs to look like a beard, she invited males and females alike to send her their own Buppet creations. She explains:

Usually when someone submits to me they send a name with it (I find creating the right boob pun is half the fun). Otherwise I assign a name I see fit. I think my favourite buppet is Señor Boobito, as he was the first.

The most popular, Heidi says, tends to be Cosmetics Add a Certain Flare. "I tend to think it is one of the few posts that has a shot of both breasts together."

[Image by Jim Cooke]