A study in speed meme-ing: In under 24 hours, Angelina Jolie's dramatic right leg has taken over the internet. As we speak, America's most powerful meme factories are pumping their pistons as fast as they can: What if Angelina's leg had a Twitter feed? What if it got peppersprayed? What if she showed both her legs? What should we call it? Jolie-ing? Angelegging? What if Al Roker did this pose?

What if Angelina's leg wore bread on its knee? What if it knelt and prayed after touchdowns? What if we put funny captions on it? What if it made friends with a cat? What if a comedian threw Kim Jong-Il's ashes on it? What if it went to the moon? What if it had sex with J.Lo's left nipple, and gave birth to a horrible nipple-kneed monster, which then drunk texted Paris Hilton?

In the future, memes won't even need predicating events. One human will do one thing in front of a camera, once per year, and the memes will snowball onwards, forever. All creative conceits will be the products of repetition with variation, as in a Bach fugue. [images via Getty]

Update: A submission from reader David, entitled "Angie the Sea Witch."