Used to be that community college was only for regular folks. The rich folks sent their kids to regular four-year colleges, unless their kids were major fuck-ups. You know who I'm talking about. But ever since the economy crashed and community colleges became competitive and the traditional middle class of colleges died off, even regular rich kids are showing up in community colleges. And, outrageously, they expect their school not to suck.

Inside Higher Ed notes a new survey showing that "22 percent of college students with annual family incomes over $100,000 attended community colleges last year, up from 16 percent four years ago." Declassé! The worst part? These entitled rich kids think that community colleges should meet minimal standard of facilities and curriculum, and should prepare them for further educational opportunities. Get real, Richie Riches!

But this group is also demanding, as traditional-age students want a full campus experience with amenities like fitness centers and extracurricular activities, which can mean new buildings and strained student service budgets. They are also more likely to seek out counselors, experts said.

"You have more students coming to our campuses who see themselves transferring," said James Jacobs, president of Macomb Community College in Michigan, and who sometimes view community college as a "stepping stone."

Oh sure, after your "gym class" and "Spanish club" and "academic counseling" and "move to a four-year university to continue your studies after community college graduation," how about we peel you some grapes, and the grapes are sitting on a bed of caviar, and each individual caviar is golden-plated? Would you like that, too? Yeesh.

Poor people never had all these expectations.

[Inside Higher Ed. Image: Artin Gal/ Flickr]