This headline is misleading: Halle Berry actually broke her foot while chasing her daughter Nahla, who was chasing a goat. I hope you can forgive the shorthand.

E! News brings us this breaking report on Berry's Oscar whereabouts, "Why Did Halle Berry Cancel Her Academy Awards Appearance?!" And really, who can resist an interrobang in a headline? Turns out Berry injured herself back in September, and I guess she's still healing.

The Oscar-winning actress, who was supposed to present at tonight's 84th annual Academy Awards ceremony with Tom Hanks, canceled her appearance due to her pesky broken foot, Academy Awards producer Brian Grazer told E! News Sunday.

So when you see Tom Hanks presenting tonight, and you're suddenly struck by the absence of Halle Berry, blame Nahla. Or the goat. Just blame the goat.

[Image via AP]