There is a season: turn, turn, turn. It was only last July we bid adieu to corrupt dinosaur News of the World, and now we're getting a (somewhat) new Sunday tabloid from Rupert Murdoch. Meet The Sun's Sunday edition. It's The Sun, but on a Sunday.

Murdoch appears unfazed by the scandal that has followed his publications. Just two weeks ago, eight more of his employees were arrested under suspicion of bribery and corruption.

The scandal has spawned three parallel police investigations and a judge led inquiry into media ethics, all of which are ongoing. Dozens have been arrested or been pushed to resign because of the scandal, include two of Britain's top police officers, who were accused of not doing enough to get to grips with the tabloid's wrongdoing.

The Sun's Sunday edition actually addressed the controversy in its editorial, mostly just to remind everyone that despite some bumps along the road, Murdoch's publications continue to flourish.

The Sun has been a tremendous force for good. It is worth reminding our readers, and detractors, of that as we publish our historic first Sunday edition during what is a challenging period.

If you're not interested in the editorial, you can still pick up the Sunday edition to read British actor Amanda Holden's firsthand account of severe hemorrhaging during childbirth: "My heart stopped for 40 seconds." Happy Sunday.