Here's a brief refresher on Ray J: he's Brandy's brother, he made a sex tape with Kim Kardashian, and he was romantically linked to the late Whitney Houston. He's also an author, apparently, with the publication of his new book, Death of the Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know About Men Who Stray.

As it turns out, what every woman must know is that Ray J had a lot of sex with Kim Kardashian while she was still married to her first husband, music producer Damon Thomas.

We'd known each other for a while before we dated and there was a mutual attraction, but she was married.

She let me know she wanted to get with me. She left her husband for me as soon as we started having sex and things between us got intense really fast. After that, I felt obligated to be with her.

Ever the gentleman, Ray J does plenty of kissing in telling in his book — presumably so every woman can know that men who stray are crazy fun in bed? Of course, given that we have video footage of Kim and Ray J getting down, it's not as though he's shocking any virgin ears.

We were like animals; sexually free to try anything, and we did.

For years KK and I had a great sex life. There was more to our relationship, but the majority of it was about our wild and extreme sexual chemistry.

The Daily Mail has quotes from an insider denying the accusations, though you might want to take that with several grains of salt. While Kardashian's management has yet to respond formally, Kim has denied cheating on her first husband in the past.

[Image via AP]