Self-proclaimed "car guy" Mitt Romney accidentally outed himself as being super rich at Ford Field in Detroit. (Detroit: good place to advertise love of cars, bad place to advertise excessive wealth.) Turns out he and his wife drive multiple cars, which — while not surprising — doesn't help with the accusation that he is out of touch with the common man. USA Today brings us some analysis of the damage done by Romney's car tally.

He started just fine. He says he drives a Ford Mustang and a Chevrolet pickup. Doesn't sound like the kind of cars that most Wall Street executives ever own — usually those guys drive Porsches and BMWs — but Romney apparently has affection for vehicles that give him blue-collar cred.

See, he's a real American. If only he'd stopped there: it was what Romney said next that may have riled up the poors.

Where he hit trouble is talking about his wife's cars. The Associated Press said he mentioned that wife Ann drives "a couple of Cadillacs." One luxury car is usually enough for a family, not a pair.

It's true — the revelation that Mitt Romney owns multiple cars, two of them Cadillacs, doesn't jibe with his attempt at an "average Joe" persona. Then again, it could be worse.

[Image via AP]