Chicago's Brookfield Zoo introduced a healthy baby aardvark to the media today. The baby was born on January 12, complete with all its aardvark fingers and toes and little aardvark nose. But you know what the newborn is missing? An aardvark vagina and/or penis! That little critter is over a month old and its sex has yet to be determined.

I'm not an expert on either penises or aardvarks, but judging from the image above I'd take a shot in the dark and guess Brookfield Zoo's got themselves a baby boy. Gizmodo's own Joe Brown, perhaps more of an expert on penises but about the same on aardvarks, told me that you can't sex some lizards without being invasive, a process that can be harmful to young animals. Perhaps this aardvark is still too young to be...invaded?

What do you guys think? Is this aardvark male or female?

[Via Chicago Zoological Society]