Wasilla, Alaska, Sarah Palin's hometown, is currently embroiled in some deep genitalia controversy. A vagina sculpture, or rather a sculpture resembling a vagina, has been placed in front of Wasilla High School and not everyone is happy about it.

In response to the statue and all high school students' uncanny ability to make a pussy joke about anything, the school's principal said in a statement:

I don't think there was any prep work on my part to prepare the student body for it. It's a great concept about thinking about what it really means to be a warrior.

Jim Dault and Shala Dobson, who are no doubt soaking in a vat of quinoa under the watchful eye of a glorious dreamcatcher at this very moment, are the artists behind the 'gine. Their piece was described in the local paper as the following:

Emerging from the powerful stone form are two warrior shields encircled by glowing feathers. The bronze shield has a hand impression showing ‘good deeds.' The aluminum shield has a flame symbol representing the ‘spark of inspiration.' The stone form represents the strong material from which a warrior is made.

My my, I've heard of one warrior shield in one powerful stone form, but two? Downright mythical. Everyone knows that only the strongest and widest of powerful stone forms can handle two big shields at the same time.