As the Romney clan scrambles to clean up its social media presence, Buzzfeed reporter and Mormon whisperer McKay Coppins highlights the "Mormon mommy blog" of Mary Romney, daughter-in-law of Mitt and wife of Craig. Mary made her blog private when Coppins came asking questions, which is really too bad, because now we don't the context of this 2007 Halloween photo. Apparently Craig is "dressed as his dad," but what the hell is Mary?

A brief survey of the Gawker office yielded the following guesses:

• Pocahontas
• "Girl who lives in Williamsburg circa 2009"
Mountain Meadows massacre participant

• Native American
• Something from a Stephenie Meyer novel
• Brunette hippie (Mary is usually blonde)

In other "Me & My Boys" news, here's a picture of Mitt spraying his giant hose with the help of children. Why Mary Romney would want to shield this material from the willfully asinine public, I will never know. [Buzzfeed]